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     Industry and Application

    In this era of rapid development of science and technology, optical fiber sensing technology as a branch of high technology is also moving forward


    Optical fiber on-line monitoring system of fire alarm system in power plant


        There are many causes of fire in the power plant, such as cable interlayer, cable trench, cable bridge, coal conveying system, fuel oil system, oil tank, transformer, raw coal bunker, electrical equipment, 6kV high-voltage switchgear, etc. Generally, there is a slow temperature change process before a fire. If the abnormal temperature change can be detected in time and accurately, and measures can be taken quickly, the possibility of a fire can be greatly reduced. Danone Electric has two technologies and products: distributed linear optical fiber temperature fire detection and point type optical fiber electrical fire detector, which can provide customers with a comprehensive monitoring solution. The two systems can be integrated into one system and monitored and controlled on the same monitoring computer.

    Advantages of the system:

        The system connects multiple dt-501d through CAN bus (RS-485 optional) to complete data acquisition and processing of temperature, alarm, fault and other data; it is sent to computer management system through Ethernet interface to support connection with integrated management system of substation, MIS, SCADA, DCS and other management systems; dt-501m can be connected with fire alarm system through relay port, in case of fire, Send out sound and light alarm, and carry out linkage of fire extinguishing device.

    技Technical features: :

    1、The design of high density, high performance and high reliability is realized by using the self-designed ASIC operation processing chip, PowerPC and embedded operating system

    2、 Configure high-performance network server and dtserver software package to support multi host networking
    Embedded Web server, based on the industry-leading B/S architecture design and development, the system information can be accessed through the IE browser (or FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.) of the operating system, which supports remote access and wireless alarm
    3、 Historical data storage, statistical analysis and data report 4、Dt501d is directly integrated into the complex system through industrial Ethernet at the transmission rate of 100 Mbit / s, with the built-in international general Modbus TCP protocol, which is convenient for data transmission and system integration with the third-party system 

    performance index

    Load capacity                       It can connect 64 dt501d optical fiber thermometers (maximum 576 measuring points)

    Response time                                       ≤10S 

    communication interface                                  LAN,CANorRS-485

    Communication protocol                                    Modbus TCP

    Alarm output                            16 way relay (dry contact), 24V / 1A

    Input power supply                                   AC220V  orDC24V

    Power waste                                      ≤30W

    Weight                                       4kg

    work environment                      emperature - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95% (no condensation)

    Outline size                            44.5mm(H)×440mm(W)×272mm(D)

    Installation mode                            Rack type: standard 19 ″, IU upper rack case